History and record of América of Cali.

Anonymous society and Sporty America S.A.

Anonimus Society and Sporty América of Cali S.A. it's known as America de Cali or simply América, is a corporation of sporty type, responsible for the administration and the leadership of Colombian soccer club from Cali City, Cauca's Valley Estate of Colombia. The America is a traditional Colombian football club considered one of the 7 great teams Colombia, however, since 2012 and currently plays in the Second Division of Colombia.
The exact date of its foundation is controversial, since talk of a first attempt in 1918 and another in 1921; However, officially it is signaled on Sunday February 13, 1927 as its founding date.
With 13 titles, is the third team with more official tournaments of the Colombian League won, also won the Open Category First B tournament in 2012. Internationally adorn earn four runners-up of the Copa Libertadores de America in 1985, 1986, 1987 and 1996, a title Simon Bolivar Cup in 1976 and the title of the Merconorte Cup in 1999, in total 16 titles between national and international officials, as well as several friendly tournaments.
Beside to  Sporty Cali  dispute his derby and more traditional classic, called vallecaucano Classic; It also plays great historical classics, against Atletico Nacional from Medellin City, Millonarios of Bogotá City, also play against a major national classic in Colombia. America occupies in the Historical Colombian Football table fourth (historical table points championships published by the Dimayor).
America of Cali is one of the most traditional clubs in Colombia. To date, in addition to its 13 championships it has 6 subchampionships. 
In the Libertadores Cup it has been disputed set with Deportivo Cali that has participated so far has done 19 times, placing second in 4 opportunities. It is also the only Colombian table has ranked as the second best team in the world according to the IFFHS; this happened in 1996.

Clinton List and Narco Football History

Between 1996 and 2013, the club was included in the so-called Clinton List, marked by laundering disappeared from the Cali Cartel (found in investigations by the DEA between 1994 and 1996). Their inclusion on this list triggered an economic crisis that intensified in the middle of the first decade of the century and threatened with the disappearance of equipment in later years.
Being in the list prevented the "Sport Corporation America" have bank accounts and negotiating sponsorship contracts or advertising with multinational companies and virtually all solid and well established national companies and so was unable to obtain a real benefit and significant marketing and financing to meet your expenses and needs.
In March 2012 and the new organization America S.A. was created after three years of failed efforts to restructuring for further sanitation, In addition, it went from 2,500 contributors to 211 shareholders. On Wednesday April 18, 2012 the new company was officially presented to the Dimayor, who now recognizes the owner of the team sports rights organization no longer as "Corporatión Sporty America" but as "Anonimus Society and Sporty  America S.A."
In 2011, after 63 years in the first division lost the category, descending to the First B, which played since the 2012 season, after falling in the series of promotion against Patriots  F.C. in series of penalties for failure of scarlet idol "The Tiger" Castillo, being so far the first large team of Colombia to descend to the second division.

sports evidence above Illegality

The turning point in its history came in the late 1970s, when it won its first official title after more than 50 years of being constituted and after 31 years of the creation of Colombian football. His first official title soon arrived as still being an occasional host of the tournament lack of economic solvency it marginalized the prominence it deserved for its historical importance and popular support to the 80s achieve the record of 5 consecutive championships (1982, 1983, 1984, 1985 and 1986) and three consecutive finals Copa Libertadores (1985, 1986 and 1987) always leaving runner-up titles now consolidating its historical importance not only its appearance but also in the international arena.

América Team History  


The American group originated in 1925 in a team called Racing Club, plagiarizing somehow, the famous Argentine box. Marco Tulio Villalobos, legendary archer club America, said once the scarlet box was founded on February 13, 1927. Alfonso Bonilla Aragon did not confirm the date but claimed that it had been founded between February and November of the same year, which certifies Hernán Zamorano, first president, in a recorded cassette left with the details of the birth,. so if formed as legend is that most of their players play barefoot.

Garavato curse

Meanwhile, Benjamin Urrea, the popular Scribble, one who would lead to a vallecaucana Urban legend called the Curse of Scribble which it was said that because of rising Dimayor inscribe in this America would never be champion.
Benjamin Urrea, born in 1912, was a Palmyran dentist and also one of the founders and red team players in his amateur partners era.
Urrea was known by the nicknames of 'Flaco', 'Rod' and probably the one that has transpired, Scribble; It was always a serious opponent of the eventual professionalisation of the team, especially after achieving outstanding wins in his amateur stage.
There are three versions of the story: the first says that when 'Scribble' realized that Humberto Salcedo Fernandez (also known as 'Salcefer' and then team president) had registered the assembly in the Dimayor, cursed the club. Reportedly, "Scribble" was quoted as saying: "it becomes professional, to do with the team what they want ... that, my God, America will never be champion."
The second says that Urrea was to charge them the sum of $ 200 from the time the directors of America, by way of uniform, and as they refused to pay him, he became angry and cursed all the leaders, but according to his family, never to club.
The third was published by the newspaper El Colombiano on 23 December 1979. In an interview, Scribble said that "when I was taken to kicks, after having served both the team, I went to a cantina called 'The Hole' it is located in the race 3rd to 17th street and amid loose women, I began to take drink and I proceeded to take a bottle of brandy, squeezed and carried her into the hands until the end of the back and one one cursed the players and managers of America. The curse fell on the team because never ever could be champion ...
Scribble said on Sunday February 13, in the confrontation against the team of Marist Brothers was born scarlet box. The game ended 3-3, as America was left tied to keep the food and beer they had promised the players. The first title won the September 27, 1927 when he beat Alferez Real.
Scribble dentist Benjamin Urrea was a resounding opposition to the professionalization of American painting, when he learned that Humberto Salcedo Fernandez, Salcefer, scarlet first president, had enrolled the team in the Dimayor for the first tournament of our professionalism.
In 1979 the first American title picture, this curse was exorcised in the center of the Pascual Guerrero Medina by journalist Rafael Corrales and singer Antonio Vivar, who composed a song.

Solid evidence of Foundation:

América de Cali S.A. lamenta el fallecimiento de Alberto Castronovo
The Wick 1.960: Up: Pié: Brittos, Sánchez, Castronovo, Ruíz, Montaño y Abadía.
Down: Cervino, Cejas, Zazzini, Vairo y Aragón.
It is known that America had its beginnings until the year 1918; Don Pablo Manrique, head coach of America, said the team was presented for the first time with that name on December 21, 1918 and, eight months later, on the occasion of the centenary of the Battle of Boyaca, participated in the eponymous tournament he won the August 3, 1919, to crush the Valley Latino team by 3-0, being also the first trophy obtained from unofficial foundation, 7- 8 shortly after the team disintegrated.
Later, in 1925, the exact date could not be precise, there was a group called "Junior" club wore the distinctive colors of the Argentine team Racing de Avellaneda and wore those imported shirts Argentina by the store Anzola and Co. therefore also they called Racing Club. That team was then initially formed by Hernan Zamorano Isaacs (founder and first president of the club) and his friends Serafin Fernandez and Alvaro Cruz, with the first workout a sleeve of Central Cemetery.
Simultaneously, a group of young people playing for Independiente. These players had disagreements with people of Junior Club (or Racing), and led by players Arturo Salazar and Luis Mercado Posso took the decision to leave the team and move to Independiente which was already acting; 1With them was also the uniform blue was chosen for the team was when it was proposed to start from scratch with a new name and colors for rising currency.
Moreover, the version of Alfonso Bonilla Aragon, a leading journalist and writer known caleño. Bonilla Aragon lived closely the genesis of the current set of the Red Devils because his brother Ramon Antonio was one of the first emerging archers equipment; also because during his life he was a declared rabid fan of the scarlet squad.
Citizen of Santiago de Cali What names the dry palm International Airport Alfonso Bonilla Aragon
Said Bonar (as it was Also known) That "football arrived in Santiago de Cali brought` from London by young students of The Stoned, children of prestantes families in the city Who Had Been sent to study there by Their parents sector. To complete the twenty elements required by the regulations, These students Explained to others Their companions, Belonging to schools Santa Librada and San Luis, in what was the game "12 years Bonar does not mention Specifically, but may well be Between 1910 and 1912.

Formal Foundation of America

The story goes that the February 13, 1927, the day is considered the official date of foundation, the 'new' America played a match against the team of the Marist Brothers in Yanaconas, at nine he began collating; the first time was two to zero in favor of America, had to be left 3-3 draw to keep the beer and food that had been offered. The precise date was indicated by Benjamin Urrea "Scribble", one of the founders of the Scarlet box.
Born America FC Junior and Racing, began to conquer their titles. For the year founded won the provincial championship second category, defeating in the final game to Alferez Real (formerly Boyacá), also he had defeated Colombia America's first championship was achieved on September 29, 1927.

Theories about the name and colors

According to Luis Hernando Lenis, the team name was born of a throwaway remark made by the captain of the Uruguayan national team in 1924. "A good name for a set is America, said the captain of the celestial picture, since so called the onceno red Cali. Lenis also said that in a publication Graph where the commentary chronicler, "the negritos of America seem a red devils ...", caused a special impression and from that moment the team started dressing entirely Red.
Another theory about the origin of the name and colors, one of the most accepted says the name was chosen as a tribute to America Foot Ball Club (Team 1918) and the choice of colors is because in the 1931 tour some team members attended, as spectators at a basketball game between Colombia quintets Union and the Red Devils. The latter dressed entirely in red and as a result America determined to play red, from top to bottom, colors formalized by the year 1936.

The National Tour 1931

According to Marco Tulio Villalobos, goalkeeper America in those years, the red onceno was champion amateur tournament second category in 1930 for that reason its executives thought about the possibility of entering the tournament first in 1931, and to measure this It decided to organize a possibility torneo.16 America agreed to the final of the tournament where face to the Cali Football Club (probably more unconfirmed antecedent of Deportivo Cali), 17 which expired by 1 to 0 the red team. This party was marked by controversy, because the referee determined invalidating two goals from the Latin allegedly misplaced, which cost the red title loss was in the hands of Cali FC.
In protest at what they considered an unjust ruling, people close to scarlet team put some flyers against arbitration, prompting the club was suspended by the Federation of all regional competition in the Valle del Cauca for a year.
In order to maintain the footballing activity, managers of America decided to undertake a tour throughout the country, being the first club in Colombia in making such expedición.Los red executives led by its president Luis Carlos Cardenas make the decision to play different parts of the country to not to abandon the institution.
His journey began a May 5, 1931 in Bogota and played five games, winning four and losing one America. Medicine initially defeated 1-3 then equally the Bogotana selection marker, 19 Bartolinos by the famous set from 0 to 3.20 and 2-5.21 22 International Schools in the capital last game was against Youth and America fell 1-0 , 23 which lost the trophy in dispute, Olaya Herrera Cup. Villalobos's testimony indicates that this last game was not won by the performance of the referee.
America was already out of the capital when the Peruvian onceno Association Brondy arrived (it was the same Ciclista Lima entrepreneur Augusto Brondy, so the team also said Association Brondy), 24 which had also been in Cali, and opened the international season against the Red Devils newly baptized. In that team they were playing real football Inca figures and naturally won, but America he scored two goals this whole 25 thing in Colombia no other team could get, even in Barranquilla, during the stay of Brondy on national soil.
The tour followed by the Caribbean Coast team took 4 days to reach Barranquilla on the Magdalena River in that city was confronted with the most important teams in the Atlantic, winning one game, losing two and tying 2; 22 playing surface sand that was not customary for scarlets players, in Santa Marta leader promoter Rove left the team, taking profits from the games. It said he had fled to Venezuela.
It fell to the governor of the department of Magdalena, a leader surnamed Goenaga, declare America 'official team also helped with the trip Scarlet box back to Cali paying half the value of the tickets. Some sections of the return became difficult boat to Puerto Berrio Barranquilla, Medellin then by rail and then to Manizales. A Cali players arrived with a balance of 40 cents, as always, and for consolation, were 'good money' in the época.15
The victorious American delegation was received in the "Alferez Real" hotel by the president of the Federation Vallecaucana. The first question Scarlets players was: "When we play with the Cali to define the superiority?". It is said that it had split in two, Bolivar and Granada, 15 although there is evidence of the existence of Cali continuously until 1934.26 Although apparently champion was declared the team for their achievements, November 15, 1931 he played a great final against the "Bolívar" and the result was 5-1 game was held at four in the afternoon, with the arbitration Bieler Kurt, crowned American champion of the tournament after being dismissed, 18 departmental title scarlet win the set in the event of 193215 and would endorse at least until 1935, then in 1936 was measured with the Hispania of Palmyra in the definition. The Scarlet box lost by one goal at first was doubtful because visibility was minimal, so the judge of the contest questioned the Red goalkeeper Marco Tulio Villalobos if the ball had completely entered his bow, and 'Villa' in a huge gesture of honesty, answered affirmatively. Thus, the Hispania beat the Devils 1-0.


In the year 1979, 'Scribble' and members of the board of the team then did a mass at the gramilla the Pascual Guerrero stadium in which a document by which officially renewed team declared was signed and it will put an end to the curse. That same year, America would win first title of the Colombian professional football. The following year the journalist Rafael Medina and singer Antonio Vilar made a ritual to exorcise the curse, in the center of the Pascual Guerrero Stadium.
However, America has failed to win the Libertadores Cup, despite reaching four finals and have been even a few seconds of winning, which led to the suggestion that the spell still persists in this international tournament.
On January 5, 2008 he died the popular "Scribble" in a nursing home in the city of Cali.


On February 13, 1927 it is known as the official date America de Cali was born.
America of Cali is undoubtedly one of the historical teams of Colombian football, with thirteen national titles, four runners-up in the Copa Libertadores and a title in the Merconorte, Scarlets have made a name in the national and international football.
Every February 13th, in occasion of his 87 years worth recounting the highlights of 'the passion of a people.
February 13, 1927: Benjamin counted Urrea that from 9 in the morning the team played, using the name of America, a match against the team of the Marist Brothers. America took the lead winning 2-0 but the match ended in 3-3 draw.
September 29, 1927: first provincial championship after beating Alferez Real.
May 5, 1931: America made its first national tour playing 18 games, of which won nine, lost six and tied three.
June 7, 1931: America plays its first international match against Brondy Association of Peru, and falls defeated 5-2
February 16, 1948: America becomes the first professional team, member of the organization that later became the Dimayor.
August 15, 1948: First match Scarlets professionally in the newly created national championship. Pascual Guerrero in a 4-0 win against Independiente Medellin was achieved.
1960: First runner-up of Colombian football.
1970: First participation in Copa Libertadores.
December 19, 1979: First title: After an excellent campaign, America finished second in Group A of the quadrangular semifinals and won the final round quota. There he managed 3 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss. In the last match against Magdalena Union, 2-0 victory put Pascual Guerrero celebrate a burst, the first Scarlet title.
The champion roster was made up of: Américo Quinonez, Joy Valencia, Gabriel Chaparro, Pascuttini Aurelio, Luis Reyes, Carlos Gay, Horacio Ferrin, Juan Manuel Battaglia, Gerardo Gonzalez, Jorge Caceres, Alfonso Canyon. The technical director was Gabriel Ochoa Uribe.
PentaCahmpionship: America de Cali is the only Colombian team that managed to win the title for 5 consecutive times. The 80s was the golden age for Scarlets who got the titles of 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985 and 1986, all under the direction of Gabriel Ochoa.
Championships Libertadores: got the titles in the national championship, America got the berth in the Libertadores Cup and won three consecuitvas finals he unfortunately did not manage title: In 1985 he lost the final against Argentinos Juniors in 1986 against River Plate and 1987 to Penarol.
1990: The 90 began successfully for Scarlets who got three titles and three runners-up (1991, 1995, 1999) national, a runner in Libertadores and the title of the Merconorte. In December 1990, America got its seventh star after winning homers National, Junior and Santa Fe.
1992: Eighth Title: under the technical direction of Francisco Maturana and excellent campaign, America was crowned champion after beating Deportivo Cali. In the same year the scarlet set reached the semifinals of the Libertadores.
1992: Eighth Title: under the technical direction of Francisco Maturana and excellent campaign, America was crowned champion after beating Deportivo Cali. In the same year the scarlet set reached the semifinals of the Libertadores.
1997: Ninth Title. Earlier this year, America ranked as the second in the world ranking of clubs in the IFFHS, with 261.5 points, behind Juventus of Italy with 335. The Scarlet whole tournament champion longest in the history of Colombian football with convert 76 games played, 41 wins, 20 draws and 15 lost. He scored 148 points, with 113 goals for and 69 against. In addition to 14 consecutive victories.
1999: Champion Merconorte. Under the direction of Jaime de la Pava, America de Cali managed to reach two finals. He remained with the second place in the national tournament and won his first international championship after winning Merconorte Cup champion.
2000: Changed the millennium and America won his tenth title after finishing second the Apertura, first Tournament Completion and first in the final round. It was the first national title with Jaime de la Pava as a coach.
2001: Eleventh title for Scarlets second with Pava and last year in Colombia's long soccer tournament. America beat Independiente Medellin 1-0 and 2-0 victories in the first leg and back.
2002: First short tournament in Colombian football and American champion is crowned by tenth second time. Jaime de la Pava won the third championship for the Scarlets.
2008: Double title. Under the technical direction of Diego Edison Umana America earlier this year won the title of the Copa Cafam, then was runner-up tournament I and the end of the year achieved its thirteenth title.
2011: The descent. After bad campaigns and a severe economic crisis in 2009 and 2010, in 2011 America was crowned for the second time champion of the Copa Cafam. However, despite the reinforcements that arrived to the end, America was in promotion zone and lost to Patriots team that won promotion and made history in the B sinking one of the largest and most important teams in Colombia.
2012: America makes an excellent campaign in the first half and champion of the opening of the second division crown after winning in the end to Union Magdalena. However for the second half and after losing several of its historical players, manages sorting runs but can not reach the final.
In the Grand Final B, he lost to Alianza Petrolera and then to Cúcuta in the promotion game. So the team is condemned his second year in the second division.
2013: Diego Edison Umana returned to the technical direction and with it the hopes of promotion. The Scarlet box illusions and renewed optimism and achieved good campaigns without success at the stage of runs. 'The mechita' was left out of the final and the fans disappointment resigned themselves to a third year in the second division.
February 13, 2014: America plays 87-year history, 87 loaded with illusions, loves, tears, titles, falls, bad times, smiles and a lot of football celebrations, 87 years of passion.

2016: is currently third in the standings on 4 dates have been played with 3 wins and a draw.