That cat if he served 1x1 Vs Equidad F.C.: EAGLE LIGUE I 2017 河上彦斎


Santiago Silva
William Arboleda the best of Game 4.
Regardless of the euphoria of the promotion, I believe that every fan of America expects our team to respect the history of one of the greats of the continent in the 2017 Eagle League, and that immediate objective is to acquire the star.
I am so happy to hear Maradona say he is happy to see a great return to the top-flight stage of football.
All of us who love this sport are happy when there is competition, sportsmanship, sacrifice and heart on the court, whether it is the rival of the day that Football is that, mature and criteria in sports.
America arrives with the disadvantage of adding points to avoid again the descent, the pressure of the bad press and fans of other teams that will look for to detail the advances of the equipment, to remind us that we come from the Agony of the B, but I have the Hope that we will respond with Good football and talent to silence the bitterness and bad milk.
I am pleased to see the influence of America with the sole fact of ascending, and most of the teams bring players and coaches of wide and thick folder to improve the competitiveness of the 2017 Eagle League, that makes me happy, because if it improves the Competitiveness, improves the perception of our Soccer in the world.
As for the common fans, we are concerned about the reinforcements that are being brought in, the vast majority are young, come without playing, or are discards of their equipment, the DIM has become the supplier of the payroll of the mechita, In the B thank God was a success, but in A there is no time to improvise, 2011 was the year that America took the category lightly, bringing players without playing time, others without experience and improvised technicians The case of Aponte and Wilson Piedrahita.
The Torres project, Tulio Gómez, promoted us and we hope that in the A, we have men who give renown and quality of good play to the Escarlata ensemble.
Seeing DIM reinforce itself with "El Palito" Ferreira, Millonarios with Pisculichi and Mr. Miguel Ángel Russo, give clear indications that all feel steps of Gigante, and that Giant is America of Cali.
Happy Year my Scarlet race and a 2017 Eagle League in Victoria and in Peace.
America Team again ended a party full of nerves, mistaken passes, and a team fully served in defense of a cocktail of opponent's goals, adding to the doubtful Arbitration that always harms us with ridiculous decisions.
Finishing the first half, a hand that does not exist in the area of ​​Olmes Garcia, who did not even have the slightest intention of putting his hand to the ball, even so, the referee of Chocoano pointed out the point of the 12 steps and the Team New Lost control of his game and match for the complementary part.
Torres coach again stopped the team with a steering wheel mark, although in practice the way to stop the team works in the competition, Scarlets do not have the players to maintain this tactic that stubbornly continues to put the Mister on the field.
Nevertheless America of Cali has brilliant moments where the Team has memory of soccer and it develops in what is known that is the Team.

The good

América Equidad
William Arboleda proved to be the best of this season of America II, many believe that Arboleda who is the clearest on the court to play, his position as mixed lavishes his virtues, Eder Castañeda better in defense and offense in quiet ball.
Much improved Johnny Vazquez, as did Olmes Garcia.

The Bad

Lizarazo does not feel comfortable in the position he has in Cali America, he does not deserve to be holder, El Queso Fernández does not get the ball and therefore there are no chances of goal, he will never defend as he has played in these 2 matches against The Junior And La Equidad FC.

The ugly one

The bad Arbitrage against "the wick", the decisions that no one explains where they leave and leave many doubts.
It is not understood as Efraín Cortez that the Past Season was incapacitated, today is the owner of the team, nor is it understood how a player with this level was once Selection Colombia, is customary his continuous mistakes in defense.
Changes made by the Profe, doubt his ability, get the best of the field by Brayan Angulo and carry "El Queso" Fernandez  by "El Gato" Silva ... you have to reevaluate many things, something else happened to Nicolás Llanos is a midfielder who can supply the Queso Fernández?, Why not give it a chance on the Team?