"Of a Passion, Of Madness, Of a disease called America de Cali "Win Sports : EAGLE LIGUE I 2017 河上彦斎

America of Cali 3 Vs Sporting Casi 0.

América One Team in the Field Congratulations Felas!!.
Regardless of the euphoria of the promotion, I believe that every fan of America expects our team to respect the history of one of the greats of the continent in the 2017 Eagle League, and that immediate objective is to acquire the star.
I am so happy to hear Maradona say he is happy to see a great return to the top-flight stage of football.
All of us who love this sport are happy when there is competition, sportsmanship, sacrifice and heart on the court, whether it is the rival of the day that Football is that, mature and criteria in sports.
America arrives with the disadvantage of adding points to avoid again the descent, the pressure of the bad press and fans of other teams that will look for to detail the advances of the equipment, to remind us that we come from the Agony of the B, but I have the Hope that we will respond with Good football and talent to silence the bitterness and bad milk.
I am pleased to see the influence of America with the sole fact of ascending, and most of the teams bring players and coaches of wide and thick folder to improve the competitiveness of the 2017 Eagle League, that makes me happy, because if it improves the Competitiveness, improves the perception of our Soccer in the world.
As for the common fans, we are concerned about the reinforcements that are being brought in, the vast majority are young, come without playing, or are discards of their equipment, the DIM has become the supplier of the payroll of the mechita, In the B thank God was a success, but in A there is no time to improvise, 2011 was the year that America took the category lightly, bringing players without playing time, others without experience and improvised technicians The case of Aponte and Wilson Piedrahita.
The Torres project, Tulio Gómez, promoted us and we hope that in the A, we have men who give renown and quality of good play to the Escarlata ensemble.
Seeing DIM reinforce itself with "El Palito" Ferreira, Millonarios with Pisculichi and Mr. Miguel Ángel Russo, give clear indications that all feel steps of Gigante, and that Giant is America of Cali.
Happy Year my Scarlet race and a 2017 Eagle League in Victoria and in Peace.
A team is what it is necessary to say of America of Cali, of backwards ahead "my Wick" was a Steamroller that made to see a Sporting Cali come from the B.
The Scarlets had fun at the Pascual Guerrero in Stadium in Cali City, the field of Game and took control of the actions when to the 14 seconds of initiated the Party Steven Lucumi with a superb shot submits to Camilo Vargas to his pleasure to start the marker that would end with two Goals more ... thanks to the excellent Night of "Karim The Cat" Silva as Carlos Antonio Velez already tells the Uruguayan Forward that in his Physical aspect is very similar to the Idol merengue.
Of Penalty The new Tournament Scorer and undisputed figure of America of Cali Christian Martinez Borja scores without compassion.
Then in free kick in an excellent, Execution Juan Camilo Angulo would score the thrashing that humbles the Sugar Pride with an undeniable thrashing.

The Good:

The football that we return of last year from Scarlets, a strong team, and it is worth remembering that America of Cali comes from a match three days ago where there was a significant physical expense ... Congratulations to the coaching staff for the psychic and physical preparation of the Campus

The Bad:

The displeasure with the strong leg of Andres Peréz and the rudeness of Benedetti with part of the Gradería del Pascual.

The Ugly:

Repeated use of alcoholic beverages inside the Stadium, there are no genuine control bodies within the Stadium and now less with the announcement of the new police code to remove Cops of Stadiums... Bad Things you Know.