With Alejandro Bernal, América de Cali completes his payroll in The Wick season II 2017; IN CASCAJAL FIELD TRAINING NEWS 河 上 彦 斎 t

With the arrival of Alejandro Bernal, America of Cali closes its book of passes for what will be the second semester tournament.

Bernal Come of Atlético Nacional.

The player, who comes from Atletico Nacional, will undergo first medical test, then will sign the contract with the reds and then begin the training with the team headed by Coach Hernán Torres.

Bernal was happy for his arrival to the red eleventh. "My family and I are happy to return to Cali and to play in the America of Cali that is a big team. I came with great enthusiasm and with desire to contribute to the team," said Bernal in an interview with 'Corrillo de Mao'. 

Bernal, 29, started as a professional footballer at Deportivo Cali in 2006. He then moved to Santa Fe and then to Nacional, where he spent five seasons.

The Monteriano midfielder clarified what happened at Atletico Junior, a team that he did not fix supposedly for not having passed the medical examinations.

"When it came out that version surprised me and called the manager of the Junior, who assured me that this information had not left the team, it was a journalist who pulled that news without any basis," explained Bernal.


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