Who is Nicholas Llanos Lohinski? , as he is known in his team, the Hajduk Split?

Who is this footballer dubbed 'Modric Colombian' or 'Croatian Falcao' and whose name is underlined in the agenda of scouts and technical secretaries of clubs such as Juve, Arsenal, Manchester United, Sampdoria, Werder Bremen or Rayo Vallecano? Sponsored by large credentials Who is this 21-year-old offensive midfielder who would have also attracted the interest of Real Madrid and who would leave his flag high in a possible test with Barça for the creative and electrifying? Lived in Cali before returning to Europe Mauricio and Renata, the parents of 'Nicho', met on a cruise in 1994 and in 1996 he was born in Rijeka, half 'coffee' and half Croatian. The family went to Colombia when he was 2 years old and returned to Europe four years later, along with his brother Carlos, now a militant in the RNK Split. 

It's features, all of a creative crack As 'Nicho' himself explains to MD, his main characteristics are a clever "ball driving, timing, shooting from distance, deep passes and long balls and the ability to give assistance in tight spaces", as Luka Modric. "I like Modric," says the young Croatian-Colombian crack, "and I watch what Rakitic does, but I am." A 'Niche', who knows Alen Halilovic in passing, does not like labels. He loves 'gunner' Santi Cazorla, and learns from Luka and Ivan, or from Xavi and Iniesta, 'but they want to know me only as Nicholas Llanos', he reiterates. 

Skip your technique with extra work and go to the dance From an early age he does extra work to perfect his technique and also drinks typical Colombian dances so that his movements are more fluid and difficult to tackle for the opposite. The result is a flier ready to make occasions and goals and to mark them, as Falcao, who celebrates his anniversary the same day (February 10). 

Colombia-Croatia: who first calls you, you have it  And Nicholas also wants to realize his future as an international. He has participated in a series of mini-cycles with the selection 'vatreni' and could be claimed by Colombia for the Sub-2 0 World Cup in New Zealand (May 30-June 20). Whoever calls you first will stay with a footballer who, for everything, will have a lot to talk about.