América equaled 2-2 with Quindío and was in the third place of Group C : COLOMBIAN ♥WOMEN♥ LEAGUE NEWS 河上彦斎


Selenha Meza, the figure of the party to score double for the set 'cuyabro'.
In the penultimate game of date 8 of the Women's Eagle League, Quindio and America did not make any difference in the Centennial of Armenia and equaled 2-2.
In minute 25 ', Quindío went up on the scoreboard thanks to the score by Selenha Meza.
For the second period, América showed hierarchy and quickly equalized the match with a self-goal by Laura Tamayo.
The 'scarlet' team had the intentions of taking the 3 points of the Centennial and, thanks to scorer Catalina Usme, took the lead in the scoreboard.
Quindio was able to take advantage of the party's wear and, at the last minute, scored the final 2-2 through a maximum penalty that turned Selenha Meza in the best way.
With this draw, Quindío reached 7 points in the fourth position, while America was third with 13 points.
The day ends on Thursday in the Hernán Ramírez Villegas with the party Pereira vs. Cortuluá for Group C.
The duel between 'scarlet' and 'blue', which took place at the Pascual Guerrero stadium, FUE Parejo in the First Stage; Both teams trying to show their football.
On the side of Las Rojas, Catalina Usme Era The Conductor of Ideas and football, always looking for Idalys Pérez, the '9' in the local reference. From While in those of the visit, Carmen Rodallega tried to give him exit his squadron.
The best plays of the First 45, were almost at the end. Taco de Usme for Pérez, who Saco shot the UN in the area and almost inaugurated the score in Pascual Guerrero. The Launching of the Venezuelan Front, I hit In a rival, and THEN in The rebound without capitalizing the Pudo.
Orsomarso responded in the following Action. Farlyn Caicedo counterattack, who cut Carmen Rodallega defrauded. The '9' of the blues gave A good ball a Caicedo, who defined Front of the 'scarlet' golfer, Franyely Rodríguez, Que Se Mostro attentive and denied the goal shout.
In the second part, the party was locked and with few options of goal for the clubs Usme FUE The most I tried in the place of:. His shots of medium distance and Las Pelotas stopped, Fuertes Sus, but no luck to beat the portico Iris de Maturín.
Orsomarso I bet to the backlash with the Speed ​​of Rodallega and Ingrid Vidal. The picture of the visit, he saw the match with the draw, as he kept her unbeaten in the Women's League and continued in the Top of the table of Group C.
In the end, the 0-0 remained. America could not beat an Orsomarso at home. With the result m, the 'scarlets' reached 11 units, while the blues add up to 16.

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The Week News

Germán Morales resigned to the technical direction of Santa Fe female

Germán Morales Coach of the undefeated team of the Women's League
This Friday it was known that Germán Morales, who was DT of Santa Fe women, resigned the technical direction of the 'cardinals', according to the official made the same institution.
Although the name of his replacement is not yet known, it was announced in the same communiqué that Professor Morales will integrate the Training Schools of the 'red express' in the female category.
Currently, Santa Fe leads the standings of Group B with 24 points, after eight games played. On the next date will face Patriots, for the ninth day of the Women's League.

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