What Should Be a Classification Party Became Nightmare : EAGLE CUP 2017河上彦斎

Do not care about the result, violence prevailed.

Resultado de imagen de ararat arbitro colombiano

 The main Character of the Field, the Referee Ararat

One night for oblivion was lived in the neighborhood San fernando yesterday Wednesday, May 24, 2017.

Should speak of what was the game but the reality, before starting the game and it was presaged what would happen in the Pascual Guerrero of the City of Cali, on Avenida Roosvelt very close to the Stadium there was exchange of Firearms Shots, Of the holligans of both teams,At the start of the match, the Arbitro began to warm up the mood in minute 2 by invalidating a goal by Yorleis Mena and the songs of hate were heard on the stage.

To complete the task there was aggressive play, expulsions and bad refereeing ... what more can be said if the protagonist of the encounter was Hate?



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