América de Cali GROUP HEAD : EAGLE CUP 2017河上彦斎

David Ferreira double Score and scarlet Empty in the Eagle Cup.

Ferreira América

David Ferrerira The Best Player this Match. 

Veteran midfielder scored the pair of goals with which America yielded a draw in Pascual Guerrero against Orsomarso. The scarlet box played 75 minutes with 10 men for expulsion of Éder Castañeda.

Thinking about the classic of the weekend and trying to give continuity to what was done the previous week against Atletico, America again used alternate payroll in the Cup. He faced the other winner who left the first date and suffered.

Of course, from the 10 minutes America began to win in Pascual Guerrero. He took advantage of a poor exit from the visitors' defense. Charles Monsalvo's David Ferreira was able to finish off the crossbar.

With the team winning, there was bad news: the expulsion of Éder Castañeda on 25 minutes for a foul on Efraín Viáfara. America was up on the scoreboard but it complicated the game to happen to play with 10 from very early.

That situation Orsomarso took advantage of. He encouraged himself. He started to attack more than the score and got into trouble at the premises, to the point that ended up generating a penalty in the last action of the first half by alleged hand of Járol Martinez. The charge was Efraín Viáfara, who equalized after 45 minutes.

Orsomarso was encouraged by that much. It was for more in the start of the second half and at 48 he scored again, now through Edwin Fierro, after a pass in the area of ​​José Enamorado. His cross shot unleashed the goalkeeper Martinez, who again saw his bow violated.

The same happened with that of Oscar Ramos after another shot by David Ferreira, now in the 69th minute. Looking down on the scoreboard forced America to go through the draw and used David again. Now he took advantage of a pass from Máyer Vidal to get another shot that became the final 2-2. America thus reached 4 points in the group.


America: Luis Enrique Martínez; Árnol Palacios, Éder Castañeda, Juan Camilo Pérez, Járol Martínez; Ángel Mora, Ánderson Zapata, David Ferreira, Jhonatan Álvarez (Máyer Vidal); Charles Monsalvo (Breidy Goluz) and Santiago Silva Gerez (Jhonny Vásquez). DT. Hernán Torres.


Orsomarso: Óscar Ramos; Kevin Gonzales (Víctor Moreno), Juan Ríos, Martin Payares, Jhon Mosquera; Juan Camilo Ortiz (Mauricio Romero), Leyder Ortiz, Edwin Fierro, Carlos Vásquez (José Enamorado); Frank Castañeda and Efraín Viáfara. DT. José Gabriel Sangiovanni.


Goals: David Ferreira x 2 (9 and 69m), Efraín Viáfara (45m), Edwin Fierro (47m)


Referee: Johan Arias.

Pascual Guerrero stadium.


America wins his first game in Eagle Cup 2017
America, with an emergent team, confirmed their favoritism over Atletico FC, who won this Wednesday 3-2 in the group stage of the Copa Águila.
A self-goal by Julio Murillo and scores by Éder Castañeda and Santiago Silva sealed the scarlet victory against an opponent who started winning with a goal of an examericano, Jesus Varona, and that ending the shock got the second goal through Andrés Carabalí.
America was surprised the first few minutes by the pressure exerted by Atletico, who proposed a game in red terrain, managing to approach with some danger to Luis 'Neco' Martínez's premises.
To the 14 minutes that better disposition bore fruit to Atletico, that of free throw near the half moon opened the account through Jesus Varona.
However, far from amilanarse by the goal against, America began to wake up and with quick and precise touches from the middle of the field was approached to land of goalkeeper Johan Wallens.
Closing the first half the scarlet reached the 1-1. It was a free kick from side, defender Julio Murillo instead of rejecting anywhere, he sent the ball into the back of the net of his own bow.
América continued looking for Atletico's door, until 4 minutes into the half-time period came 2-1 with a header from defender Éder Castañeda after a corner kick.
And in the 66th minute, Uruguay's Santiago Silva made his debut as a red-scoring scorer, scoring 3-1 with a fine cross from the left of Johan Sierra.
With the marker already in the pocket América was dedicated to manage the ball, to touch it in the middle of the field, although in some plays could increase the count with clear arrivals of Silva, Alvarez and Monsalvo.
Atletico did not lower their arms and in time of reposition arrived 3-2 with Andrés Carabalí, result with which the commitment was liquidated.
Pascual Guerrero stadium
Attendance: 2,500 spectators approx.
Referee: Wander Mosquera
Atlético FC: Johan Wallens, Jesús Varona, Jhonny Mena, Julio Murillo, Emanuel de la Rosa, José Mondragón, Miguel Granobles, Diego Basto, Yerson Gutiérrez, Dairon Valencia and Bayron Garcés.
Changes: Brown by De la Rosa (58), Carabalí by Basto (60), Rentería by Valencia (71).
DT: Luis Gómez
America: Luis 'Neco' Martínez, Arnol Palacios, Juan Pérez, Éder Castañeda, Johan Stiven Sierra, Angelo Mora, Jhonny Vásquez, David Ferreira, Jonathan Álvarez, Santiago Silva and Charles Monsalvo.
Changes: Balanta by Monsalvo (71), Álvarez by Sierra (86), Fraki Montaño by Silva (94).
DT: Hernán Torres
Goals: 1-0: Varona (14). 1-1: Murllo's own goal (46). 1-2: Castañeda (49). 1-3: Silva (66). 2-3: Carabali (92).

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